Wells Virtuosi

Symphony Concert

Friday 30th June • 7.30pm
St. Mary’s Church • Tickets: £15
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It is rare for us to manage a full chamber orchestra and we are delighted to welcome Wells Virtuosi, internationally celebrated string orchestra together with woodwind, brass and percussion. Wells Cathedral School is one of Europe’s foremost specialist music schools and with many pupils coming from overseas this continues our emphasis this year on youth and diversity.

These young players learn that the hours of work which result in technical discipline and musicianship translate into a performance that emotionally affects an audience as well as themselves.

The programme tonight includes the wonderfully evocative Hebrides Overture, better known as Fingal’s Cave, by Mendelssohn. It is thought that it was purposely finished on the only day of the year the cave is illuminated by sunlight.

We will also enjoy Beethoven’s, Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92. Some lovers of classical music consider the second movement of this symphony to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written.

Artistic Director, Matthew Souter, has an international career as a solo violist performing in recitals and with orchestras throughout the world. For the past 17 years he has been a member of the Alberni String Quartet. He has been Professor at the Royal Academy of Music for 18 years.

He himself was a ‘Specialist Violinist’ at Wells in the 1970s and he returned in 2008 to head the String Programme and to prepare the young musicians at Wells today for a profession he knows so well.

“Apart from the brilliant standard, what really impresses me about the pupils at Wells Cathedral School is that despite all the dedication and long hours of practice, they always seem to be such well balanced folk.”   Nigel Kennedy, International Concert Violinist
Wells Virtuosi
“This has to be the finest school orchestra in the world. Their performances are characterised by energy, passion, heat and precision.”   Professor at Frankfurt Höchschule Music Conservatoire
Sponsored by
Mr & Mrs Hugh Lindsay