David Starkey

Henry VIII

Literary Event

Wednesday 28th June • 2.30pm
St. Mary’s Church • Tickets: £12

Henry VIII is the only King whose shape you remember. He bestrides our history like a colossus and the decisions he took still reverberate today. The Reformation is the first Brexit; his ministers devised the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty and his tumultuous personal life pitted religion against politics as brutally as in our own age of Isis. In this lecture David Starkey draws on his unique knowledge of Henry’s reign on the one hand and his insights as a leading commentator on modern politics on the other, to illustrate both the Tudor age and our own.

David Robert Starkey CBE FSA RHistS, is a British constitutional historian and a radio and television presenter, first appearing on television in 1977. He has made frequent appearances on the Moral Maze and Question Time and has presented several history documentaries. At Cambridge he specialised in Tudor history, writing a thesis on King Henry VIII’s household. From Cambridge he moved to the London School of Economics, where he was a lecturer in history until 1998. He has written several books on the Tudors, including his latest: Henry VIII.

David Starkey
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