Brodsky Quartet

Tuesday 27th June • 7.30pm
St. Mary’s Church • Tickets: £19.50

Since its formation in 1972 the Brodsky Quartet has performed over 3,000 concerts on the major stages of the world and released more than 60 recordings. A natural curiosity and insatiable desire to explore has propelled the group in many artistic directions and continues to ensure them not only a place at the very forefront of the international chamber music scene but also a rich and varied musical existence. Their energy and craftmanship have attracted numerous awards and accolades worldwide, while ongoing educational work provides a vehicle for passing on experience and staying in touch with the next generation.

Over the years they have collaborated with artists from every persuasion, including Björk, Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello, Willard White, John Harle, and Jorge Grundman Isla. A quick trip to YouTube would astound you as to what a ‘classical’ string quartet can get up to!

For Beaminster, however, they have curbed their alternative desires and we have a programme of delicious music, from the fugues of Bach and Mendelssohn, to the glorious melodies of Borodin, (two were poached for the musical Kismet), to the beautiful Cavatina of Beethoven’s late quartet, reputedly the only piece that moved the composer to tears, and the joyful Finale, the last piece he wrote.
To listen and watch the Brodsky Quartet is to experience an example of perfect ensemble, where the four breathe and feel the music as one, the quest surely of all chamber music.

Daniel Rowland – Violin
Ian Belton – Violin
Paul Cassidy – Viola
Jacqueline Thomas – Cello

“The players gave unstintingly of their passion and energies, playing with a spirit so transformational you felt they were actually improving the world.”   The Strad
“The Brodskys’ achingly beautiful performance reached deep into the heart.”   The Guardian
Tom Poster
J.S.Bach: BWV 1080: The Art of Fugue (1 and 6)
Mendelssohn: Fugue from Four Pieces, Op. 81
Borodin: Quartet No. 2 in D
Beethoven: String Quartet No.13 in B flat, Op. 130
Sponsored by
Mr & Mrs George Eyre Charitable Trust