Beaminster School Art Exhibition

The Skyrm Room in the Town Hall

The Skyrm Room is open daily from Saturday 24th June to Sunday 2nd July
10.30am to 4.00pm
Entrance is FREE

Examples of the work on display include:

Jem Hodder (Year 10). The culmination of the first GCSE project in year 10. Students studied the use of tone and marks to create form and space, colour theory and the work of the Impressionist painters. Each painting is built up from hundreds of brushmarks to achieve the finished effect.

Harvey Cullingford (Year 13). The painting is the result of exploratory investigations into the use of mark-making responding to the energy and dynamics of water in motion. Harvey took photographs and worked up outcomes by layering, scraping and scumbling acrylic paint.

Jessie Wybrew (Year 13). A study of the local landscape using various mixed media techniques (here in response to the work of Kurt Jackson) to make atmospheric studies which suggest the effects of light and the elements.

Painting by Jem Hodder
Painting by Harvey Cullingford
Painting by Jessie Wybrew